Benefits of an Estate Plan

Why You Need an Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer

Many people may think that they don't need to plan their estate, either because they are young, healthy, or they simply don't care to think about it. At Mortensen & Reinheimer, PC, we strongly encourage you to consult with a lawyer and learn exactly why estate planning is such a beneficial process. You and your loved ones can all benefit financially and emotionally if you are prepared with a detailed estate plan before you pass away.

Financial Benefits

Estate planning has various financial benefits. It saves you and your loved ones from having to pay attorney's fees and court fees by avoiding probate. All of your last wishes will be overseen by a trustee in charge of your living trust instead of a judge having to distribute your property through probate. Your loved ones will also be able to avoid the high taxation that comes from probate, and instead of having to pay thousands of dollars out of their inheritance for estate taxes, they will be able to keep far more of their inheritance for their own use, as you intended.

Document Your Last Wishes

Of course, estate planning also ensures that your last wishes are documented and followed to the detail. Should you establish a living trust, you will be able to place a trustworthy and responsible individual or company in place as the trustee, allowing them to handle your property and wishes after your death. You might desire to draft a simple will, although this option still requires probate.

Provide for Your Loved Ones

Most importantly of all, estate planning provides for the ones you love by allowing them to distribute everything in a matter of weeks instead of through months of probate. Through estate planning, you will be able to ensure that your family, friends, and even your pets, are properly cared for after you pass on. You can also provide documentation of your desires for your own treatment and care, should you becomes unable to act or care for yourself.

Find an Estate Planning Attorney in Orange County

Contact Mortensen & Reinheimer, PC right away to speak with a lawyer who can help you through the process of estate planning. The idea may seem daunting and undesirable, but our attorneys are friendly and willing to guide you step by step throughout the process. We have more than 24 years of combined experience and are skilled in these select legal areas so that you are guaranteed the highest quality counsel and legal representation.

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