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Who Can Be a Trustee?

In California, the trust administration process usually begins the moment the trust is created. During the drafting of the trust, the trustor will designate a person to handle their trust - a position known as the "trustee" - as well as someone to administer the trust after their death - a position known as the "trust administrator." These positions are often filled by the same person or company. The trustor may also designate beneficiaries who may come into the trust at a certain future date.

Trustees can be granted immediate administration over a trust or they could be named a successor trustee in which case they would assume their role as administrator after the trustor passes away. If the decedent left no will designating a trustee, then his or her next of kin may file a petition with the court to be appointed as administrator of the decedent's estate. The court can also designate an administrator from the public administrator's office if no one petitions for this position.

Responsibilities of a Trustee

The duties and responsibilities of a trustee are outlined in the trust itself, as well as under California state law. It is the duty of a trust administrator to ensure that the decedent's will is followed after their death and that their property is distributed according to the same will. Trustees must be aware of both their statutory duties and restrictions, as well as those listed in the trust in order to avoid violations. Otherwise, a Trustee's acts could be determined as non-binding and may be disputed during the estate trust administration process, often resulting in trust litigation.

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