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Mixed Chicks, LLC Wins $8.1 million Verdict

On November 2, 2012, the USDC published a verdict in favor of our client, Mixed Chicks, LLC of $8.1 million. The case was widely covered across the country due to its Small Business vs. Big Corporation premise.

Our Client (Plaintiff) Mixed Chicks LLC, a manufacturer of hair care products for mixed-race individuals with naturally curly hair, sued defendent Sally Beauty Supply LLC, alleging that the "Mixed Silk" products sold in Sally Beauty stores infringed on Mixed Chicks trademark and product trade dress. Simply put, the appearance of "Mixed Silk" products was similar to that of the Mixed Chicks line, causing harm to our clients brand.

The Honorable Andrew J. Guilford handed down a verdict in the amount of $8,114,535, finding willful ingringement by Sally Beauty Supply, LLC. This was a HUGE win for Small Businesses everywhere! The Judge's verdict provided a powerful message that large corporations should tred carefully when attempting to bully their smaller competitors. It is also a great inspiration for entreprenuers and small business owners to fight for your business and namesake. The Court felt that Sally Beauty Supply, LLC demonstrated efforts to undermine and injure a competitor through illegal and bad-faith conduct.

Congratulations to both Mixed Chicks and Marea A. Barsky, who lead the team of attorneys who helped ensure that our client's assests are properly protected.

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