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What's New at Mortensen & Reinheimer, PC

What’s New at Mortensen & Reinheimer, PC

May 2016 Updates

At Mortensen & Reinheimer, PC we know that some of the most important objectives in a lifetime are protecting what you have earned, and planning to provide for your loved ones. Our primary goal is to ensure that whatever step you are working towards or whichever phase of life you are in, and we can help accurately reflect your desires in the legal perspective of it. Whether it is creating your estate plan, starting a business, or handling the affairs of a loved one you’ve lost, our attorneys will work with you on a continual basis in order to effectively meet your needs.

Tamsen R. Reinheimer, Attorney at Law

Please join us in congratulating Ms. Reinheimer on passing the exam for her certification as a Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law. This distinction involves a five-year process of qualification, continuing education requirements, and active, estate-planning practice-work. We are thrilled about this accomplishment and appreciate the immense knowledge Ms. Reinheimer demonstrates with our clients, as well as the community.

Estate planning, trust and probate law is the practice of law, dealing with the creation, protection and disposition of a client’s assets, during life and upon and after death. To learn more about Ms. Reinheimer, click HERE for a full bio.

Noah B. Herbold, Attorney at Law

Mr. Herbold was recently invited to be the key note speaker of the Whittier Law School symposium entitled “The Special Needs Child from A to Z: A Spectrum of Care from Assessment to Zealous Advocacy." As a Certified Legal Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law, Mr. Herbold’s extensive knowledge of conservatorships allowed him to lead participants in a discussion around the conservatorship process as a whole, the types of conservatorships, duties of the conservator, and family planning for children with special needs.

A conservatorship is the court-monitored process necessary when a person becomes incapacitated and cannot manage his or her own finances or medical decisions. It is important to know that the laws of California favor the nearest related family member as a conservator. To learn more about conservatorships and also Mr. Herbold, please click HERE for a full bio.

Breanna M. Dominguez, Attorney at Law

Ms. Dominguez’s area of focus is Trusts and Estates law. She assists clients with the administration of trusts and probate of estates, as well as in litigated matters such as Trust Contests, Breach of Trust, Appointment and/or Removal of Fiduciaries, Beneficiary Rights, and Conservatorships. In most recent news, Ms. Dominguez is now bonded as a California State Notary, meaning she has taken a sworn oath to authenticate documents and to operate with the utmost integrity within our legal system. This speaks greatly to her character and we are thrilled to offer this additional service to our clients.

Wills, deeds and trusts are some of the more common documents that need to be notarized. Additionally, medical documents such as advanced healthcare directives and powers of attorney will also need a notarized signature in order to be validated but court review. To learn more about these documents and also Ms. Dominguez, please click HERE for a full bio.

At your Service

We are always available to answer your questions. Our attorneys will readily meet with you to discuss the various legal situations you encounter, such as changes to your estate plan, or new business opportunities. At Mortensen & Reinheimer, PC we build long-term relationships with each of our clients, striving to maintain their personal investments in the security and well-being of their families. When it is time for you to address your estate planning , business, or probate needs, we hope that you select an experienced attorney that you can respect and trust! Call us today.