Supreme Court Decision on Healthcare

By now you've likely heard that Supreme Court voted 5-4 to uphold Obama's healthcare legislation. And though it has been widely publicized for its tax implications, there are many additional, and very important points that will affect millions of Americans. For example, according to the Congressional Budget Office, an estimated 32 million uninsured people will gain coverage under the law. Furthermore, many of the more popular provisions of the law have already gone into effect, including a mandate that insurers have to let children stay on their parents' plans until they are 26 years old, which 2.5 million Americans have already taken advantage of. Insurers can also no longer turn away children with pre-existing conditions, and sick uninsured people can buy coverage in high-risk pools set up by the government. These points should be of particular importance to individuals in what's known as the 'sandwich' generation...people who are caring for both their children and their own parents. This will significantly reduce the cost of healthcare for such families in terms of out-of-pocket expenses and improve overall preventative care. Regardless of your position on the legislation, DO look beyond just the highlights that you see in the media. Decisions about your family's health, and long-term care, could be affected by the details

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