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  • End-Of-Year Giving Checklist
    End-Of-Year Giving Checklist

    The holidays are upon us...2013 is right around the corner. Questions still remain about what Congress will do about the gift tax exemptions, but there are some things we know for sure...there is ...

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  • Will the Election affect the Estate & Gift Tax Laws?
    Will the Election affect the Estate & Gift Tax Laws?

    Last year, we wrote about the major changes in the estate and gift tax laws. As we near the end of 2012, it's hard to believe that the tax laws are up for discussion in Congress AGAIN! The laws that ...

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  • How to Avoid Conservatorship
    How to Avoid Conservatorship

    The Associate Press reported yesterday that Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband of 25 years has been appointed the temporary Conservator of her estate, part of an agreement reached with the actress's daughter, ...

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  • Supreme Court Decision on Healthcare
    Supreme Court Decision on Healthcare

    By now you've likely heard that Supreme Court voted 5-4 to uphold Obama's healthcare legislation. And though it has been widely publicized for its tax implications, there are many additional, and very ...

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