Child Custody: Parenting Plans

If you and your spouse are divorcing and you have a child together then child custody is going to be an important factor in your case. For many families, this can be a drawn out battle. Many couples find that they are unable to agree on the terms of child custody and this can make it difficult to work together. This may require the case going to court a decision on child custody to be made.

The court wants to find a resolution that is in the best interests of the children and if possible they want to have both parents involved in the life of their children. For a couple that may have their differences but that is still able to work together, it is possible to develop your parenting plan with each other so that it works for you and your children. A parenting plan may also be referred to as a custody and visitation agreement. In this plan, the parents will write out an agreement that concerns a schedule for when the children will be with each parent and how the parents will go about making decisions regarding the children's welfare, health and education.

A plan can be a great opportunity for you and your spouse to learn how you are going to work together in this new situation. It can also allow you to have input rather than having the decision made solely by the court. A plan should be detailed, clear, consistent for children, flexible if needed and be based around what is best for your children. For further clarity on what a parent plan should include, you can visit the court's website or view these forms: Child Custody and Visitation Order Attachment (Form FL-341) and the Child Custody and Visitation Application Attachment (Form FL-311). If you are going through a divorce, contact our firm's Orange County lawyer today.

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