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  • Probate Process in California
    Probate Process in California

    Whenever possible, it is best to avoid the probate process, whether in California or any other state. This can be done by establishing a revocable trust. It is generally wise to enlist the help of a ...

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  • Estate Planning – Before and After
    Estate Planning – Before and After

    Estate planning is not what usually occupies the minds of those about to enter into a marriage, but planning out financial matters ahead of time can have a major impact on a marriage. Pre and post ...

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  • Duties of a Trustee
    Duties of a Trustee

    Whenever property of any kind is to be transferred from one party to another, but not immediately, it is necessary that it be held temporarily by a designated individual known as a "trustee." While ...

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  • Contesting a Will
    Contesting a Will

    When a loved one passes away, the grief over their loss is enough to bear without a bitter trust or will contest being involved. However, there are situations when contesting a will becomes necessary. ...

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  • Conservatorships in California
    Conservatorships in California

    Under California state law, a conservatorship can be established by court order for an individual deemed unable to make legal and medical decisions for him or herself. The exact duties and level of ...

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  • Transfer on Death (TOD) Deeds
    Transfer on Death (TOD) Deeds

    There is an option for those that own property in California to transfer their property upon their death. It does not require a probate procedure or trust settlement. It is called a Transfer on Death ...

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