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Benefits of an Estate Plan

Why You Should Call on an Orange County Estate Planning Lawyer

Many people may think that they don't need to plan their estate, either because they are young, healthy, or they simply don't care to think about it. You should speak with an estate planning lawyer to learn more about the financial benefits of estate planning, as well as the emotional benefit of being prepared with a detailed plan before you pass away.

An attorney at Mortensen & Reinheimer, PC can help you through the estate planning process, and help ensure that your last wishes are respected and followed. Contact us today at (714) 384-6053!

Secure the financial benefits of estate planning.

If you follow through with the estate planning process, you and your loved ones will avoid probate, and therefore be spared attorney's fees and court fees. A trustee in charge of your living trust will oversee all of your last wishes, instead of leaving a judge to distribute your property through probate.

Your loved ones will not be required to pay the high taxation that probate causes, and will not need to pay thousands of dollars of their inheritance toward estate taxes. Estate planning can ensure that your loved ones' are free to use their inheritance money as they choose, instead of giving much of it away.

Make sure your last wishes are followed.

If you are worried about your last wishes not being respected after your passing, estate planning ensures that this won't happen. Estate planning involves the documentation of your last wishes that must be followed point-by-point. You will be able to appoint a responsible and trustworthy individual or company as the trustee of your living trust, who will make sure that your wishes are respected and your property handled properly. Another option is to create a simple will, but bear in mind that this would still require probate.

Through estate planning, you can even plan ahead by providing documentation of your desires for your own treatment and care in the case of becoming unable to act or care for yourself.

Provide for your loved ones.

Most importantly of all, estate planning allows your loved ones to distribute everything in mere weeks, whereas the probate process would take months. Through estate planning, your family, friends, and even your pets will be properly cared for after your passing.

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